Advice for patients presenting with dental problems

We are receiving an increasing number of requests from patients for appointments concerning dental issues. Whilst we understand that there are challenges accessing NHS dental services locally (and indeed nationally) this is an area of expertise which GPs and other health professionals at Lime Tree Surgery are not qualified to provide. You can find your nearest NHS dentist by consulting this website If you need urgent attention and are not registered with a dentist please call 111. There are some instances where there may be an issue within your mouth which is non-dental in nature and where it is appropriate for a GP or other health professional at Lime Tree Surgery to see you. It is therefore important to provide as much information as possible to the reception team when enquiring.

The British Medical Association makes clear that GPs are not responsible for treating dental problems and that we must not attempt to manage a condition (including the prescribing of antibiotics) where the cause is dental.

The following dental problems cannot be dealt with by a GP or other health professional at Lime Tree Surgery:

  •  Dental abscesses
  •  Toothache
  •  Inflammation or injury to gums

You should only visit A&E if:

  •  You are in severe pain that a dentist has been unable to help you with
  •  You are experiencing heavy bleeding
  •  You have severe swelling of your face or mouth
  •  You have injured your face, mouth or teeth

Emergency out of hours service The nearest provision of emergency out of hours treatment for Worthing and the surrounding areas is at:

Central Clinic, Stoke Abbot Road, Worthing, BN11 1HE
Telephone: 01903 230364
Please note this is not a walk in service and by appointment only.
Further information can be accessed at