Private Fees




Most of the services offered by the surgery are free under the NHS. However some services are not covered under the NHS and for these your GP can charge a fee. The fee will reflect both the doctor's time to carry out the service and their professional opinion. It may also include the cost of nursing or secretarial support, stationery and consumables.

Below is a list of private fees correct as of 1st September 2022.  These are correct at the time of publishing but are subject to change.  Please contact the surgery for clarification of charges.  All fees are to be paid up front, before any forms or document requests will be accepted by the surgery.


Private Fees as of 1st September 2022

  • Adoption/fostering medical: £94.30
  • Bus pass application: £30.00
  • Camp America form: £50.00
  • Employers report: £120.00 without appointment; with a 30 minute appointment £150.00
  • Fitness to travel form: £35.00 without appointment; with 30 minute appointment £50.00
  • Health assessment advisory forms: £40.00
  • HGV/Taxi Medical: £150 needs a compulsory 30 minute appointment
  • Holiday cancellation form: £40.00
  • Letters: To whom it may concern (TWIMC) £40.00 – please complete form overleaf to inform us what you would like the doctor to say
  • Motor sports form: £150.00 needs a compulsory 30 minute appointment
  • Fitness to participate forms: £40.00 (parachute, marathons, charity events, university)
  • Power of Attorney form: £190.00 payment not taken up front as at the GP’s discretion as whether they will undertake the work. Secretaries will advise as to when to pay and book the appointment.
  • Private health care claim form (BUPA etc.): £40.00
  • Private prescription: £15.00
  • Private sick note: £30.00
  • Solicitor’s reports: £120.00 without appointment: £150.00 with appointment
  • Taking medication abroad letter: £20.00