Telephone Automated Call Back System


What is Automated Callback?

Automated callback is a feature of our telephone system that allows a caller to choose to be called back rather than wait on hold in the phone queue. When a receptionist becomes available, the system will call you back and when you answer, you will be connected to the receptionist. 

How Do I Request a Callback?

Requesting a call back is easy and will allow you to keep your position in the call queue without waiting on hold. 

  1. Call our friendly teams on 01903 264101.
  2. You will presented with several telephone options which you can choose from - 

Press option 1 If you think you may need to see or speak with one of our clinical team (GP, Nurse, Health Care Professional)

Press option 2 If you would like to cancel an appointment.

Press option 3 If you are calling regarding test results.

Press option 4 If you are calling to speak to our medications team.

Press option 5 If you are calling to discuss private work.

Options 1.2.3. and 4 all have the ability to register for an automated call back.

3. Once you have selected which team you would like to speak to you will be entered into the call queue and will be given instructions on how to log a call back.

4. Once in the queue press 0 to start the call back process, The system will then read out and confirm your telephone number, if you would like the be called back on this number you will need to press 1 if you want to be called back on a different number you will need to press 2.

5. Once your call back has been logged you can hang up the phone and the system will call you back automatically when a receptionist is available to take your call.


  • The callback system is not able to initiate a call back if you telephone number is anonymous or blocked.
  • You must follow all of the instructions given when you enter the call queue and ensure that the automated system reads and confirms your telephone number back to you.
  • If you are unable to answer your telephone when the system is calling you back you will unfortunatly lose your position in the queue and will need to call the surgery again 01903 264101.
  • If your telephone or mobile goes to voicemail while we are calling you back because your mobile phone is switched off or not in signal range the receptionist will leave you a voicmeil message instructing you to call us back at your next convenience.

Information correct at time of publication 04/08/2021