Frequently Asked Questions about the NHS App


NHS login registrations may take longer than usual when there are high numbers of requests. Registrations will be processed as soon as possible, The registration process is handled by the NHS directly and not by Lime Tree Surgery.


Who can use the app?

To use the NHS App you must be:

  • Registered with Lime Tree Surgery.
  • Aged 13 and over (patients aged between 13 and 15 will need to speak to their practice to set up access).

What are the minimum operating systems for smart phones?

  • Android – 5 (Lollipop)
    For the best experience on Android, it is recommended to use version 8 (Oreo)
  • Apple – iSO11 and above

Where can I download the NHS App?

If you have an Apple device (iPhone or iPad) Please click HERE

if you have an Android device (Samsung Galaxy, Huawei, Google Pixel etc) Please click HERE 

I can not install the NHS app because I do not have a smartphone

If you are unable to install the NHS app because it is not compatible with your phone you can request a printed letter confirming which vacinations you have received, You will need to call the covid helpline on 119 to request a letter, We are unable to supply letters directly from the surgery as this is handled by the NHS directly.

How can I register for an NHS login?

Once you have downloaded the app from either the Apple App Store or Google Play Store you will be prompted to either sign in with an exisiting NHS login or create a new login - more information on this can be found by visiting this web page - 

How can I prove my identity for registration?

You can prove who you are using photo I.D or Online Services information (see below),Once your NHS app is connected to Lime Tree Surgery you will be able to order repeat medications and also view your SCR (summary care record)

Can I link the NHS App to Lime Tree Surgery without using photo ID?

Yes we can supply you with the online services information needed to connect the app to Lime Tree Surgery, We will send you an Account ID, Linkage Key/Passphrase and Organisation ID. We can send these details to you via Royal Mail post to your registered address or we can send you an SMS message to a verified mobile phone number.

How can I show that I have had my COVID-19 vaccinations?

In the NHS APP there is a tab called "Your Health" and there is an option you can select for "Check your COVID-19 vaccine record" This page will show which vaccines you have had, The date hey were given and also the batch number and manufacture of the vaccine, This information will display on your app as long as you have linked your app to Lime Tree Surgery, You do NOT need access to your full coded medical record to accesss your vaccination status.

How can I access my full medical record using the NHS app?

In order for us to enable access to your full medical record we will need you to visit one of our surgeries and show us one form of photo ID, e.g. Passport, Driving License, Citizen Card. You can come to the reception desk at either Findon, Durrington Health Centre or Goring, once we have seen a verified ID we will be able to activate access to your full record.

But I have already scanned and shown my ID while joining my NHS app to Lime Tree Surgery?

This step is a seperate process required by NHS digital when linking your app to your GP surgery, We ask patients to show us their ID in person for security checks and to ensure only verified patients can access their full medical record.

Can the NHS App be used outside of the UK?

If you are registered with a GP surgery in England, you can use the app anywhere outside of the UK.

I have connected my NHS App to my health record with Lime Tree Surgery but I cannot see my vaccinations?

The NHS App will be using a service called NIMS to determine the status of your COVID-19 vaccinations, Once you have been to a vaccination site and had our vaccines the data will be uploaded to NIMS and is usually available within 24 hours, It is expected that there will be a very high volume of patients trying to use the NHS App at the same time so some delays may occur at particularly busy times.

If you have vistied Durrington Health Centre for your vaccination we submit all patient vaccination details during the vaccine sessions to ensure the data is accurate and patient records are updated in a timely manner.

Where can we find the NHS App’s privacy policy?

I have found a problem with a feature of the NHS App

Problems with the NHS app can be submtted to NHS Digital directly using this link -

If you think you may be missing an item on your record or if you are unable to order a repeat medication then please contact the surgery on 01903 264101

You may not see a repeat prescription listed if:

  • it was issued more than 6 months ago
  • it was prescribed at a hospital or other secondary care centre
  • it was issued at a time when you lived outside of England

You may not be able to order some prescription items if:

  • you need a medicine review
  • it’s too early to order your medicine
  • it’s an acute (short-term) or one-off prescription
  • it has already been requested




information correct as of 13/05/2021