Urgent News - Most blood tests cancelled with immediate effect

NHS England have asked all hospitals and GP practices to stop all non-essential blood tests with immediate effect. This is due to a problem with the supply chain producing the bottles. They are working to resolve this issue and we will do our best to prioritise which tests we can continue with. We are down to a few dozen bottles per day and it is imperative we use these appropriately so please be understanding and patient with us.

Whose blood tests will we be cancelling?

All chronic disease recall tests (diabetics, high blood pressure, thyroid monitoring), routine checks requested by GP, tests requested by patients (eg now that I'm 60 I'd quite like to know what my cholesterol level is)

Which blood tests will we be continuing with?

Those requested specifically by clinicians as deemed clinically urgent (eg acutely unwell patients, pre-chemotherapy etc), DMARD monitoring (monitoring of potentially toxic medications eg methotrexate), INRs for warfarin,

Should I call the surgery about this?

Please do not call us. We are facing unprecedented demand at the moment and are working extremely hard to keep up with this. If you really do feel you have an urgent enquiry about this please send us an e-consult. Select the 'admin option' and title your enquiry 'blood test enquiry'. Write a brief explanation and it will be reviewed by one of our health care assistants. 

How will I know when to re-book my test?

Please keep an eye on our website and we will announce when we are able to resume normal phlebotomy.  We are being told 'we will have more information in September' at the moment so we really do not know how long to expect this to go on for.

Published: Sep 3, 2021