Teaching and Training 

The practice is committed to the concept of developing as a learning organisation.

To achieve this requires much effort and some considerable time commitment. Because of this you may find from time to time that the practice will close for a half-day of training. When this happens there will always be a warning, and arrangements for care in an emergency will be signposted at the surgery and available on the phone. We will of course regret any inconvenience caused but feel it is vital to ensure that all members of the practice are fully trained, up to date, and offering the best possible service.

The practice is recognised for training medical students at several stages in their career. They may sit in with other members of staff, run small surgeries on their own (always supervised by a staff member) and also visit patients in their homes. You may be asked to help with their training; when this happens we will always ask beforehand whether you are comfortable with this, or whether you would prefer to see your doctor or nurse on their own. Occasionally a video recording may be made of the consultation, but only with your written consent.

At most times, the practice will support one or more fully trained doctors working within the surgery for a year in order for them to pursue a career in general practice.