COVID-19 Vaccination Booster Clinic Latest Updates



Our COVID-19 BOOSTER VACCINE clinics are now live


Please click HERE to see our Covid-19 vaccine dosage statistics.


Who is eligible for a booster?

All patients aged 50 years and over, and those aged 16 and over with a health condition that puts them at high risk from Covid-19 will be invited for a booster, 6 months after their 2nd dose. We are also inviting front line health and social care workers to book into these clinics, if they are 6 month post 2nd vaccine dose

Where and when are these being held?

Due to vaccine transport restrictions we are working with our PCN team and holding clinics at Durrington Health Centre. We are aiming to run weekly clinics but these are subject to deliveries.

We will be arranging to visit our registered housebound patients and care homes and will be liaising with these patients directly

How can I book?

We are inviting patients in clinical risk order by ringing their landline number or texting their mobile phones. We are starting with the over 80 year group and those patients who were previously classed as Group 4 (shielding patients)

You can also call our dedicated booking line on 0333 370 4111 to book an appointment over the telephone.

Which vaccine will I get?

In line with the JCVI advice, we will be giving Pfizer vaccines. This is recommended even if you had a different vaccine for your first and second dose. We are not receiving deliveries of any other type of booster vaccine.

Will I need to wait afterwards?

Yes. The MHRA requires us to observe patients for 15 minutes post administration of the Pfizer vaccine. We will require you wait in our socially distanced waiting room.

I’m unable to attend the clinics you are offering – what can I do?

Please use the online national booking system or call 119 and you can arrange to attend an alternative site. You can only book if it’s been at least 6 months since your 2nd dose

I’ve recently had Covid can I still book in for my booster?

Please do not book into a clinic within 4 weeks of your positive covid result.

Can I have another vaccine, such as flu, within 7 days of my Covid Booster?

Yes, with the exception of Shingles vaccine please leave a 7 day gap between any shingles and COVID vaccine bookings.

Upcoming dates and criteria

We are currently vaccinating the following patients:

Over 50s, clinically vulnurable, frontline health care workers


This page will be updated as we move onto the next group of eligible patients.


Published: Oct 29, 2021